Divas In Transition is an online platform helping women lose weight from the inside out so they can lose the weight for good.


Accelerate your weight loss  – breakthrough your weight loss plateau and start seeing lasting results.


Burn more fat in less time–   fat blasting total body workouts so you can get the body you always dreamed of.


Get the body you want in half the time-  Flat abs, tight butt ,Sexy legs, Toned arms, and back.

Lose Weight Now

I worked with thousands of women from all background and works of life  who struggled with losing weight while maintaining a busy schedule. Lasting weight loss is possible with the right tools and foundation.

My goal is to help busy divas transform their mind/body so they can lose weight, stay fit and become the diva they were meant to be in every role/ title life gives them .

Divas we can have it all .

Hey Divas – allow me to reintroduce myself as a lot has changed with Divas In Transition  and myself.

A Diva is a woman who is actively pursuing her goals to become the woman she was meant to be .

As women we are always adding to our list of roles- we are sisters, wives, mothers, girlfriends, business women, bossbabes, caregivers etc. The list goes on.

Having the right tools , mindset and support will help us effortlessly transition into our new roles .However we tend to neglect our health in the process.

My name is Trisha- the founder of Divas In Transition.- a fitness empowerment firm helping women transform their mind/body so they can  lose weight , stay fit and become the Diva they were meant to be

Divas In Transition was created after I struggled to maintain my health as a busy woman . My mistakes and struggles made me realize that true health/fitness starts from the inside out .  The outside is just a reflection of the inside.

Once i came to this realization through my personal trial and error and  obtaining my Masters in Public Health. I was able to transform my health and stay fit . Fast forward to over 15 years my health/fitness is still at its optimal level.

In fact, i am able to maintain the same weight for years even though i am still a busy diva- caregiver, boss diva , wife and mommy diva

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