90 Day Get Fit Bootcamp

Are you struggling to lose weight? 

Are you ready to break through your weight loss plateau ?

Are you ready to accelerate your weight loss goals ?

The 90 Day Get Fit Bootcamp will help you accelerate your weight loss goals and get long lasting results.

  • Burn through fat so you can lose weight fast
  • Shed inches off your waist line
  • Build lean muscles 

The 90 Day Get Fit Bootcamp is your solution to lasting weight loss.

You will complete the program feeling confidence, more Fit and transformed from the inside out.

Here is what you will receive with the  90 Day Get Fit Bootcamp

The 90 Day Get Fit Boot Camp includes:

Daily total body workouts – total body blast workout targeting your upper/lower body so you can burn fat and get your dream body in half the time ($97 value)

Effective workouts to tighten and tone your butt, thighs, arms,legs and back($97 value)
Diva’s Meal Plan Made Easy – Simple meal prep made easy to follow so you can eat delicious meals and still lose weight ($497 value)
Monthly workout schedule for 3 months -. Targeted workouts that will challenge you each month so you can reach your  weight goals faster ($197 value)
Diva’s 7 Effective Healthy Tips – everyday tips you can use immediately to achieve your weight loss goal ($47 value)

Diva’s 21 Day of affirmations – 21 affirmations you can use to start transforming your mind so you can get results even faster ($197 value)

Access to 6 Easy to follow Weight loss modules – that will help you accelerate your  weight loss results and keep the weight off permanently.

Here is what you will learn in the 90 Day Get Fit Bootcamp video training  modules.
Module 1    How to Transform your mindset so you can lose weight permanently ($697 value)
Module 2 – How to create successful habits for long lasting weight loss results ($697 value)
Module 3 – How to incorporate the art of clean eating to get lean ($697 value)
Module 4- Tricks and tips on healthy eating to lose weight($297 value)
Module 5 –  Total body  blast workouts so you can burn more fat in less time and tighten your abs, butt, thighs,legs,arms and back.($197 value)
Module 6 – How to create  a healthy ritual that will transform you from the inside out ($397 value)

Bonuses included:

Diva’s Weight Loss Workbook Journal – so you can journal your way to weight loss and  you can identify and remove what is blocking you from losing weight 

90 Day Get Fit Bootcamp-  weight loss made simple and easy to implement asap so you can start seeing results right away.

Space is limited for this program.  Enroll today to secure your spot.