Interview with Yoga Diva – Marjorie

Please Introduce yourself to our readers

My name is Marjorie and I am a recent graduate nurse at Bethune-Cookman University

How long have you been practicing yoga ?

I have been doing yoga on and off for a year now.

Yoga diva of color

How did you get started ?

I started yoga as an elective requirement at my school, and during that time I was inspired by other yogis on Instagram to pursue it a little further by participating in some of the yoga challenges presented by some of my favorite yogis.

How has yoga transformed your life ?

Yoga has taught me that there is always room to grow. Some days you master a pose and some days your body is not on board. However, it motivates me to do better each time. This could be mastering a new pose, stretching deeper than I would normally let my body to go or meditating and releasing life stressors. I am always learning a little bit more about myself through meditation and yoga.

Yoga DIva

Do you have any yoga tips for beginners?

1. Find a yoga class and attend regularly. If not possible, I would suggest to follow, or yogis on Instagram and participate in a yoga challenge.

2. Do not compare your practice to others. There are some yogis who have been practicing yoga for years, give yourself time to adjust and learn what your body is capable of doing. It takes time, practice and dedication. I have to constantly remind myself of this as well.

3. BREATHE! A common mistake that I know a few make (myself included) is that we forget to breathe in certain poses. It sounds like common sense but you be surprised to find yourself holding your breath trying to master a pose. It is essential that you breathe during poses it makes it easier and relaxes your muscles. I would also suggest to take your time getting in and out of a pose. The key is to prevent injury!

4. If you want to see growth, be consistent.

5. Most of all have fun, it’s your practice. Document your journey from the beginning, that way you can track your progress.

Yoga Diva

 Do you have any special projects you would like to share with our readers ? 

I am working on a writing project for Woman of Color (WOC) which consists of short free form poetry and the beauty of melanin. You can follow some of the works via jo.essence on Instagram or click this link

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