As a new season is upon us, I had to take some time to simply let go of the things I no longer needed. I surrender.

I said my final goodbye to one of my favorite winter boots. It was above my knees and super warm. It kept me so warm that I didn’t even need to wear socks in 25 degree weather. Will I find another boot like that ? Only time will tell.

I had these boots for over 8 years. I was supposed to be the good owner and cleaned it from the previous snow storm. But I simply put it away.

I surrender

I could blame myself for it falling apart but what is meant to be will be.

I wondered If I could hold on a bit longer, maybe I can get it repaired.

It was time I let it go and say good bye.

You see letting go isn’t easy for a lot of people. We hold on to people and things that no longer serve us because we attached  certain memories and emotions to them. We remember all the good times and fail to look at our current reality.

Can people and things change in a year? Yes. I changed so much and continue to evolve into the person I was meant to be.

I must continue to clean out my closet and make room for better things. So I let go of what was and surrender to what will be.  Only then can the Divine bless me with greater things.

My hands are open and ready to grasp on to the new things and create new and better memories that will last me a lifetime. So, I surrender.

What can you let go of in your life ?

Who or what is no longer serving you ?

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