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Teniece Divya, Capricorn, Student of Life and Action Actress

How did you get started ? 

After playing basketball in college and having an ACL reconstruction, two knee scopes and surgery on both shins I finished my career unable to walk without pain.
A mentor introduced a short vinyasa flow and after practicing several weeks I began to feel differently in my skin. .
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Yoga Diva
 How has yoga transformed your life ?

 The new sensation within was enchanting and I soon found myself engrossed in learning more about meditation, scripture and pranayama, in addition to asanas.

That passion led to becoming a certified yoga teacher in addition to being a personal trainer.
Yoga creates a calm within, serves as a cleansing from the chaos and noise of the world, and provides a balance, a sense of groundedness, so we can continue to do our good works with grace. ”
 Do you have any yoga tips for beginners ? 
Biggest tip for a beginner is start right where you are and focus your journey on self discovery and awareness. Yoga is about learning how your breath feels, how your body is able to move and how to focus your mind on the current task at hand. If you take on Yoga as a means to explore and learn more about yourself – you are already winning. Often practitioners can get caught up trying to emulate their favorite instructo
r and or judging their practice on their ability to do a handstand or Pincha. It’s not about that outward sensation but rather learning about how you respond by being present, making adjustments and living fully in the now, moving mindfully moment to moment.
Do you have any special projects you would like to share with our readers ?
I founded Fire&Finesse Fitness ( as a means to cultivate health and wellness in our communities – providing in person and Online Personal Training, Workshops, Yoga classes, Online Yoga Training & Meditation
We need to be reminded of our infinite power to heal ourselves. We need to be reminded of the unconditional source of love that resides within. And when we unite we have more momentum to invest in self to refuel and refresh in order to continue contributing positively. Visit the Fire & Finesse channel on YouTube for free videos. And Email with questions, comments or health & wellness services.
Teniece Divya Johnson
Yoga Instructor & FitnessTrainer

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