Interview with Yoga Diva – Sonia

Introduction to Sonia Roberts

From a very young age I had a strong desire to help others live a life full of joy. My own life was often filled with sadness, anger and confusion. My desire to help others find fulfillment was a reflection of my own desire to find true happiness.

I’m a certified yoga teacher with fifteen years of teaching experience. I have a passion for helping others reach their full potential. My classes are challenging, nurturing and integrate mindful movement. Life as a mother has given me an abundance of opportunity for deepening my yoga practice and living in the moment.

After birthing two children and three abdominal surgeries, Sonia has a passion for teaching others how to build core strength and gain confidence to live a life from their core truth.

 Black Yogi

How long have you been practicing yoga?

16 years

How did you get started?

 I began dancing in high school and continued into my college years. Dance became deeply cathartic for me. Dancing and later choreographing helped me to tell my story, release pent up emotions, feel more connected to myself and see the beauty within. Pursuing a dance career eventually became more physical and competitive and less joyful. But it led me into my yoga practice and eventually teaching. When I started practicing yoga I felt at home. I felt that on my mat I could come back to myself and accept myself and feel good about who I am. It offered more than just physical movement and connection but a much deeper spiritual connection.

The question would arise in my yoga and meditation practice regularly, “Who am I?” Followed by fear, anger and tears. Why was I afraid of who I truly was? And who was I truly and deeply? On this journey I met someone who eventually became my husband and he said to me, “You have more to offer than you show.” For the first time I felt like someone really could see me, all of me and he accepted me as I am. It was like he discovered and reflected back to me that I had shrunk away from my light, from my greatness, from my truth.

Mommy and me doing yoga

How has yoga transformed your life?

 Yoga has helped me to continually grow and become more of my true, authentic self. It has given me the courage to face challenges and inspired me to follow my dreams. Teaching yoga has helped me to shine my light within, awaken to my true self and share my love, joy and passion for yoga. It is my deepest desire that yoga bring fulfillment on all levels to my students and enable their spirits to grow wide. Sharing the benefits of yoga is such a gift and honor, continually challenging me to be better.

hand stand and splits

Do you have any yoga tips for beginners?

 My advice for someone just beginning to practice yoga is to not compare yourself to anyone else. Yoga is not a competition, it’s all about you. Focus on connecting to your breath, always. Invest in a great yoga mat. And remember it’s a journey so enjoy it!

Do you have any special projects you would like to share with our readers? ivy park pose

My current project is called Yoga Stories. Friday features a collection of portraits and interviews of yoga students in the Bay Area. You can view these stories at, Facebook: Sonia Roberts Yoga, Wellness and Life Inspirtatoin or @soniarobertsyogamagic

 Instagram @soniarobertsyogamagic

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