Interview with Yoga Diva – Shelby

Please Introduce yourself to our readers

My name is Shelby ­čÖé I’ve been practicing yoga close to two years now


How did you get started with yoga?

I got started because I saw women on Instagram doing yoga and I thought it was awesome. I also got started with yoga because I enjoy staying fit and get bored with running, lifting, etc. so I decided to spice up my workouts. The spiritual aspect of yoga got me interested as well.

Yoga Diva

How has yoga transformed your life ?

Yoga has helped me stay balanced

Do you have any yoga tips for beginners ?

Tips for beginners. Practice every single day. I would also suggest doing research and reading a few yoga books to get started. A lot of people ask me how to start and there is no ONE way to start…. You have to want it. Stop asking others what to do and take the initiative to find out for yourself. Research is important and necessary for any new project you take interest in.


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