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Hello everyone, my name is Sarah Uche. I am a certified personal trainer with the National Association of Sports Medicine! I am 26 years old and I am originally from the state of Oklahoma. Although I am from Oklahoma, I currently reside on the island of Guam where I have my personal training business Fittin It’ Fitness LLC.
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How long have you been practicing yoga ?
I have been practicing yoga since 2011!
How did you get started ? 
There was a time in my life where I abused prescription medication and it was a really ruff time in my life. I used yoga and exercise as a way to get sober and stay sober. I used exercise and meditation to help with the process of getting my brain back chemically balanced. I have been practicing ever since.
How has yoga transformed your life ?
Yoga helped transform my life by providing me a way to overcome mental obstacles.
Do you have any yoga tips for beginners ? 
Anyone who does yoga, knows that it takes a lot of patience along with consistency. Once I started to see my progress, I applied the same concept to life, with dedication, consistency, and hard work, you can overcome anything. I remember when I first started my attempt in doing inversions. I would fall down, with my neck crooked and couldn’t get down. I still giggle at the thought of this! So, to all my beginners, stay consistent and have fun. Anything worth having is worth fighting for.
Do you have any special projects you would like to share with our readers ?
Currently, I am working on a program that can help women who are going through the struggles of addiction. I am developing an exercise based recovery program to help them, just as I helped myself! All it takes is someone to care more about them than they do themselves. You can find my fitness page on facebook, Fittin It’ Fitness LLC or on instagram @lovethepersonyouare

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