Interview with Yoga Diva – Rebecca

Please introduce yourself to our readers 

Peace and light. My name is Rebecca.

Yoga Pose

How long have you been practicing yoga ? 

I’ve been practicing yoga for 5 years.

Yoga Diva

How did you get started ? 

I have always been into fitness but did not like how easily I bulked up. I wanted something that could give me a balance of strength and be a challenge. Even though I didn’t understand what yoga was, I  just muscled my way into poses. A year after, I walked away from a long term relationship, where I had lost myself. I haven’t received unconditional love and support in a long time. Here I am in my 30’s , a mom raising a son – I needed to get back to me.  I began staying up all through the night, in a zone putting together all the poses I knew. I signed into Instagram and  joined various challenges all day during work, and during lunch breaks. I was always practicing yoga even as I ran into the grocery store. Yet I still didn’t understand what was about to happen to me.  I went for my cytt, and that’s when everything changed.

Yoga Diva

How has yoga transformed your life ?

My personal practiced stopped, and I was meeting me for the first time in years. I learned  how to breath correctly, alignment, self checking, charaka meditation and the list goes on. My yoga began to transform, my personal life began change…..I was seeing life from new eyes.

Yoga Diva

Do you have any yoga tips for beginners ? 

While teaching classes I’ve had many students amazed at what I do. I received comments such as  ” I could just watch you teach and just sit here “. My response is always the same, ” Pull up your mat and I will  talk you through your favorite pose and watch your greatness rise ” . Once they surrender to their ego, and simply breath……..the glow on their faces. I know that they have been hooked. So for anyone wanting to get into yoga, I say just let go and take it to your mat. The body will conform once you exhale…..inhale deeply…..retain. Exhale and just flow!!!

Do you have any special projects you would like to share with our readers ?
Be on the look out for MovingArtGallery for their next event, that is where you can find me next.

Devi Rebecca


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