Interview with Yoga Diva – Lena

Please Introduce yourself to our readers

My name is Lena Di. I am a certified Personal Trainer/Nutrition Consultant and Professional Dancer/Choreographer from the NJ/NY area.  I’ve been involved with fitness for the past two years.  It is a fairly new passion of mine and I’m glad my life circumstances led me down this path.  I enjoy assisting people of all ages make better/healthier lifestyle choices.

Yoga Diva

How long have you been practicing yoga ?

I was introduced to yoga 10 years ago but have been practicing more consistently for about 2 years.

Yoga Diva

How did you get started ? 

Yoga was incorporated into my warm up for a dance class that I took in college.  I didn’t really understand it or appreciate it back then.  Once I became a personal trainer,  I found it necessary to add yoga into my fitness routines because of it’s amazing benefits.  I didn’t learn about inversions, however, until I saw pictures online.  I fell in love with them and began practicing different headstand/handstand poses every change I got.

Yoga Diva

How has yoga transformed your life ?

My mission is to obtain balance in all aspects of my life.  Yoga helps me accomplish that while also providing me with peace of mind.  In addition, yoga challenges me in ways that I never thought possible which enhances my growth both mentally and physically.

Yoga Diva

Do you have any yoga tips for beginners ?

I recommend beginners allow themselves to be beginners.  No one is born an expert.  Like anything else, yoga takes a lot of practice and patience.  In due time you will begin to see progress in your form as well as an increase in your duration while holding poses

Do you have any special projects you would like to share with our readers ?
 . I am currently offering monthly fitness challenges.  For the month of February I am hosting a core challenge.  A strong core is necessary for practicing yoga.  The calendar can be found on my Instagram page: @iamlenadi
The demonstration videos can be found on my YouTube channel

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