See it. Believe it. Become It.

I love the philosopher, Rene Descartes.  He is well known for his statement, ” I think therefore I exist”. What a powerful statement. He goes on to explain his statement with a persuasive essay proving that he must exist because in his mind he believes he exist.  If he didn’t exist, he would not have thought he did. Perhaps it is an illusion that he exist. Maybe his mind is playing tricks on him? His arguments are profound and thought provoking. I highly recommend you read his work.

The theme can be applied to anything we think we are. For example, I think I am successful, therefore I am successful. You may not agree with me because my definition of success isn’t measured or defined by what some people might consider to be successful. The goals I have set for myself have been accomplished , which lead me to be successful in my endeavors.

Our thoughts are powerful tools that work together to create the life we are living. If you think you will never be successful, then you won’t take the necessary steps to become it. Why would you bother to take action behind something you don’t believe in? What you think about yourself, you become.

In order to become it, you have to see it in your mind, believe it, then you become it. See yourself in a positive light – successful, happy, blessed etc. Thrive to create positive mental images of yourself. So I challenge you to dig deeper and become what you think you are. Create a persuasive essay showing that you are in fact what you think you are . If you aren’t there yet, create steps to get there.

See it.Believe it. Become it

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