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Helping women lose weight from the inside out so they can lose the weight for good


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Divas In Transition

It is my honor to work with women all over the world, helping them lose weight from the inside out so they can lose the weight for good.

Divas In Transition  

-Patricia Lolo, MPH,

Our Transformation Story 

As a young college student(19 years old) working full time and going to school full time, I left no time for myself. I simply didn’t practice no form of self care.

My diet was extremely poor – It consisted of eating constant junk foods such as hamburgers, pizza and drinking lots of soda on a daily basis. I thought by eating these foods they would give me a much needed energy boost. Rather these foods made me even more tired. My mind became fogged. I couldn’t think straight. I couldn’t retain any information. I was stressed out, burned out and overwhelmed at the same time. My grades were going down each semester. The sad part is that this went on for two years. Some how I was able to complete my two year degree.
However, my mind and body had enough even though I was willing to do this for another 2 years. The truth was I became complacentbarely making the grades, barely had any strength to think properly or function well at work. I became a zombie, just going through the routine hoping things would change.

Everything changed for me in summer ’01, when I became sick. My body couldn’t stop shaking. I had chillsthat wouldn’t stop. I remember sitting in class and barely able to take notes because I was busy shaking uncontrollably. What was wrong with me ? After class I went to the nurse office hoping it wasn’t a big deal instead I was rushed to the hospital immediately. My wake up call came when the doctor told me I had kidney stones at the age of 19 years old. He said I was the youngest person he saw with kidney stones. On the outside I look fine, but inside my body was fighting a battle to get rid of all the toxins I acquired over the 2 years from poor diet and lack of self care. I was advised to go on a diet asap.

 It became my mission to transform my health from the inside out. I didn’t want to go on a diet . I wanted a lifestyle change .

My desire to learn more about health grew stronger over the years . I decided to enroll in graduate school and pursue my Masters in Public Health.

After completing my MPH, I knew I wanted to help women who are struggling to lose weight, struggling to eat the right foods and workout consistently and fighting to stay motivated .

The pain and struggles I endured was meant to teach me life lessons about health/wellness and show women that they, too, can transform their health.

Losing weight doesn’t have to be a constant battle. There is hope.

If I can transform my health for over 10 years, overcome being a fast food/sugar  addict and become a weight loss/health expert, there is nothing impossible.

With the right tools/techniques , women can turn their health story around for good.

She is also the founder of the Life Transformation Summit – a  virtual event empowering women to transform into the woman(Diva) they were meant to be in all areas of their lives-whether it be health/fitness, mindset, finance, business etc.

Divas will be empowered and motivated to take actionable steps and release their inner Diva.