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 Please introduce yourself to our readers
Hi, I’m Gina,  and the author of  Mirror Watching.  Mirror Watching is my journey form 338 pounds to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.  I share in this blog what is like to feel trapped and unable to get free to fighting to be free. The good, the bad and the ugly.  Also I share this blog because I want people to know they can do it and that they are not alone.  When I started it was pretty lonely and that can be a deterrent for many people.  Currently I am down 110 pounds and I have aproximately 80 more to go.  What started as a quest to for skinny has become a discovery of strong and bad-ass both mentally and physically.

How do you incorporate exercise in your life? 
As you can imagine, initially, exercise and I did not get along.  I actually hated it. All of the sweating and getting dirty was not my thing, however over time I’ve come to love exercising.  I like variety so the easiest way to incorporate exercise into my life is to plan and schedule it.  I make a plan of the various activities I want to incorporate for the week, whether that be a training program, the gym or solo. I prep the clothing and equipment/accessories if needed and pop it onto my schedule.  I tend to do this a week or so in advance so I  know without a shadow of doubt what I should be doing.  It keeps me focused.

How do you stay motivated to workout ?

In the beginning I started working out because I was going to become an older Mom and I didn’t want to be that tired old looking lady who had wild and uncontrollable kids because she couldn’t keep up with them.  Now I am motivated by all new things I can do because I now have a new level of fitness.  Plus I like the bad-ass feeling of conquering something that was once impossible for me.

What can we expect to see on your youtube channel ?

Currently there is only one video on my youtube channel.  It is an ‘about’ video.  It is my first venture into vblogging.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

Can you share any workout tips for beginners ?

  • I would say set a bench line of activity.  If you are looking to loose weight consistency is the key right?  Create a threshold of activity per week that you will be willing to do for the rest of your life and start from there.  This will nip the yo yoing down.  Many people (including myself) have made the mistake of starting, reaching their goal then stopping, not realizing that if you stop everything goes back to the way it was.  So since we are in it for a lifestyle change lets start with something that can be sustainable over the course of our lives.
  • Tip two would be variety.  I started out trying to walk around the park to conquering it.  Now I run, bike, boot camp, hike, lift weights, hula hoop, yoga.  Expanding your repertoire gives you something exciting to look forward to instead of the same old routine.
  • Tip three would be to find like minded people.  People that have a common exercise interest who are out there doing it already.  Join a  walking, running or biking group, a gym.  Having friends that are like minded will increase your chances of being consistent and successful.                                          Here are some helpful links from her blog, Mirror Watching

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