Divalicious Sites to know

  1. Divas With A Purpose – is a great source of motivation and inspiration for Divas.  Divas with a Purpose provides Divas with the tools and resources to be the best Diva they can be. It is all about Divas(women) being driven, inspiring, victorious, and having a plan of action to be the best Divas they can be.   Are you looking for some motivation and inspiration to be the best Diva you can be ? If so, viist their site at http://www.divaswithapurpose.com/       divas-with-a-purposelogo
  2.  Mind of a Diva –  ever wonder what goes through a Diva’s Mind ? Well you are in luck. Like Divas In Transition, Mind of A Diva strives to redefine what it means to be a Diva. According to Mind of a Diva, a diva is one who is independent , virtuous , “pillar of strength “, and fully occupied .  With all the demands in her life, she is able  to maintain her composure, self worth  and courage . These attributes are the keys to her forever forward movement.  Check out their site  at   http://www.mindofadiva.com/mindofdivaicon
  3. Double Saving Divas – as Divas we went to look our best and be our best. But we also like to save some money. All Divas should know that you  must  plan for rainy days because they tend to come unexpectedly .  Well you are in luck.  Behind Double Saving Divas are identical twins whose goal is to help Divas save money.  They are money saving experts who love sharing their tips and tricks with us.As Divas we know that saving money is a must.  To learn more about these amazing Divas, visit www.doublesavingdivas.com doublesavingdivasicon14.  Divas In Defense – as Divas we know that our safety as well as  our love ones safety are extremely important. Divas In Defense empowers Divas of all ages with the right tools and training to protect their personal safety as well as their families safety. Divas are provided with the knowledge to protect and arm themselves  while sill being a Diva(Fierce and fabulous)To learn more about how we can protect ourselves, visit www.divasindefense.com divasindefenseicon5. Traveling Divas – How many Divas love to travel the world ? Traveling the world is one of our dreams. We love exploring the world and being exposed to new cultures.  We strive to learn and grow.  Traveling Divas – is the ultimate site to plan your travels. They even offer group traveling. What more can you ask for?Check out their latest travel adventures at www.travelingdivas.comtraveldivasiconDivas support and uplift each other.

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  1. Michelle | Divas With A Purpose:

    Thank you so much for including Divas With A Purpose on this list! I’m familiar with some of the other Divas and look forward to connecting with the ones I’m not. Have a fantastic week!

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