The thought of falling itself could cause an anxiety attack for some of us. That was me as I went on to take a class that caused me so much stress and anxiety. Biochemistry – a class that is perplexed in nature and requires lots of dedication and little room to focus on other challenging classes. Biochemistry was a prerequisite course needed for a program that I desired to enroll in once I completed my Bachelors.  It would lead me to a long journey of failure.

My trouble wasn’t with the subject itself, but my thoughts. It was a deep problem that took me years to realize. Thoughts of failure crippled my body and overtook my mind –  “If I fell, I won’t be able to get into the program”. This thought would replay in my mind each time I took a test, which led me to feel anxious.  I failed not once, not twice but four times.  I was traumatized by the possible thought of failure as well as failure itself.

After taking several breaks in between each failure, I was determined in 2008 that I would look fear in its eyes and say “No, I will not let you stop me from pursuing my dreams “. I had enough. I’ve spent so much money taking one course repeatedly. I was tired of being afraid of failure.

In 2008, I claimed victory. I passed and fell in love with biochemistry. I even kept the book.

We all have our own struggles. For some of us, we struggle with our weight for years. What have the fear of failure stopped you from achieving?

Determine in 2015 that you will do as I did and look fear in its eyes and say “No, I won’t let you stop me from pursuing my dreams “.  Remember fear is a liar.


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  1. Jenn,

    I couldn’t agree more – fear really is a liar, and so is anxiety! Congrats on passing your class – it’s so nice to realize victory!

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