My fitness and health journey started when I was 19 years old. I was a full time college student as well as a full time employee. If I wasn’t busy with school, then work kept me busy. As a result of constantly being on the go, I needed something to fuel my energy, so I relied on fast food. It was quick and cheap . I ate 4 burgers a day, yes 4 burgers a day.

Lucky for me I have a fast metabolism, so I didn’t put on too much weight – an extra 10 lbs didn’t hurt me. So I thought. I may not have been overweight, but I was unhealthy. I ended up with kidney stones as a result of my poor diet. I was young and invincible to sickness. Boy did life prove me wrong.

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I had uncontrollable shivers as my body fought to rid itself of toxins. The head nurse at school called 911 , and I was rushed to the ER. I didn’t want this to be my future. So I decided from now on I would eat healthy as much as possible. I started drinking a lot of water to flush out all the toxins accumulated overtime. Then I started to eat salads more often. These two simply changes transformed my health.

It has been over 10 years since I had this health scare. This incident caused me to be proactive when it comes to my health. Change is possible.

If you don’t know where to start , let me guide you . I released my ” Diva’s Guide to Getting Fit & Healthy ”   to help you  take the necessary steps to transform your health. This guide is full of tips and tools that will help  transform your mind , body, and spirit.  Get your copy today.

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  1. Janelle:

    Wow, congratulations on your healthy transformation! That must have been so scary to go through at such a young age! #wowlinkup

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